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Established in April 2000, Oral Dental Home is well equipped Dental center with modern equipment and techniques spread in about 1,450 square feet of environmentally appropriate space.We take utmost care for sterilization of all the instruments. All procedures are carried out under excel aseptic conditions using autoclave and other sterilization equipments.


We will provide you personal care in friendly environment emphasizing maximum care for your health requirement as well as giving high importance of your requirement at all times.You can discuss about your dental problems in a highly comfortable environment before ,during and after the treatment so that your treatment would go perfectly.oral health, dental surgery, oral dental home
Step into a friendly environment, an air-conditioned treatment area and a zone of personal care and attention. A warm and hospitable staffs will take you to the utmost comfort and relax zone.
Refreshments are available at all times for the patients and patient’s company to feel like home.
On the first appointment we assess your problem,understand your desire and need. After proper assessment of your problem,we advise the best treatment plan for you.When you feel comfortable with it we start the procedure of the treatment according to a timetable that suits you best.
While waiting for treatment at waiting room you can enjoy TV programs,magazines and not to forget refreshments.Treatment is carried out with soft music played in the background and very comfortable environment. Once you are registered with ODH , you are a family member of ODH afterwards. ODH provides you with young energetic dentists and new technologies in dentistry. ODH is renowned for perfection in both General and Cosmetic dentistry.
Most of the dental patients have fear of treatment because of pain involved in dental treatment.Proper use of anesthetics and our skilled dentists enable you to enjoy dental treatment without any fear of pain.Thousands of patients have been benefited through our cosmetic dentistry procedures.We have treated almost every kind of teeth to give them a proper shape and a beautiful smile.Cosmetic treatment is considered a boon in the world today.Modern developments in cosmetic dentistry and our commitment to provide you with the best have proved a lot of smiles on those individuals which has dramatically changed their personality and lives for ever. Most importantly ODH is treating its patients at a very reasonable price.Only at ODH you can get quality treatment with utmost care at the price you can afford.
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